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Shocking Lack of Imagination, Bonuses and the New York Times

December 27th, 2012

TheMotleyFool.com (popular US investing website) asked me to write a piece on Lincoln Electric’s 2012 bonus and no-layoff stats – with attitude! Writing just before Christmas, I tapped into my inner-Scrooge:  “A Shocking and Shameful Lack of Imagination.” – delivered with attitude, as ordered.

Meanwhile, the New York Times ran a piece on Dec. 21st titled: “No-Layoff Company Now Writes Profit Sharing Checks.”

I chuckled when I read the story about Marvin Windows (an excellent company, good employer, no question), revealing what the Times considers to be “impressive performance.” Have a look at a graphical comparison.

US Employees 2,573 2,900
Sales 2012 (apprx.) $ 1     Billion $ 3      Billion
Total Profit Shared $ 800 Thousand $ 99.3 Million
Average Employee Bonus $ 311 $ 33,915
Years Bonus Paid 1 of last 4 years 79   uninterrupted
No Lay-off Record 1960’s Since 1948 (possibly  1925)

Happy New Year


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