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Megyn Kelly’s Master Class In Bad Journalism

May 17th, 2016
  One question in a Republican debate last fall about Donald Trump’s attitudes towards women – and his angry misogynistic tweet soon afterwards – instantly transformed Megyn Kelly into … a tough journalist.
 Now she is being sold as the new face of rigourous journalism on Fox and perhaps for American journalism as a whole. See the New York Times piece in last week’s business section.
  15 minutes tonight in a much-heralded one-on-one with Trump  and Kelly reveals herself as little more than an enthusiastic enabler of, and collaborator in, Trump’s (ever closer, sadly) ascent to the most powerful job in the world.
  Hard to watch. But you should give it a try.
  And this interview should be required viewing in every journalism school.
  Not one question about how Trump might actually use the immense power of the Presidency to deal with the US’s – and the world’s – many challenges.
  Just softballs questions about campaign silliness with no structure or followup, cute one liners, innuendo and smiles.
  What an awful squandered opportunity.
  But for Megyn Kelly   …… a master class on how to make a new friend. 

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